Meet our Generator Maintenance Training Course Instructors

generator maintenance course

Joe Norris

“Power Generation is one of the most fascinating fields I believe you can get involved with. Troubleshooting quickly and efficiently to get the customers up and running is an extremely satisfying feeling. My goal is to teach in such a way that the technician can remember and move rapidly through the troubleshooting tree and get to the root of the problem, and repair.”

National Service Manager – ANA Corp


Currently the National Service Manager for ANA Crop, the Airman North American Distributor, Joe’s specialty is 500 kWand below. However, Joe has worked on units up to 2MW. For the post 7 years, Joe was the Field service Manager for Magnum/Generac, conducting field service master troubleshooting classes abroad. Having been in charge of Oil and Gas Relations and Work, Joe has been to every major oil player with power generation needs from Canada to Mexico and across the USA. Specializing in Natural Gas and Diesel genset Applications as well as paralleling units. With auto start capabilities, Joe’s largest set to date is (2) 16 set generator parallel set ups to produce 2.2.MW of power for downhole injection pumps in New Mexico. Prior to Magnum/Generac, Joe was a Red Jacket Master Downhole Tech specialized in below ground troubleshooting.

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Aaron Picozzi

“OGI provides such an exciting venue for the Power Generation Industry. By bringing together folks from all over the industry to connect and upskill, OGI is helping move the industry in the right direction. As we all deal with the technician shortage, programs like OGI offer the training needed to keep the industry up to speed. As the power gen industry continues to grow, we all need to educate potential entrants on the fantastic opportunities that exist.” 

President-American Diesel Training Centers 


Aaron Picozzi is the President of American Diesel Training Centers, a national company focused on the recruitment and training of technicians for the trucking, power generation, and heavy equipment industry. Prior to American Diesel, Aaron worked in sales and brokerage, and foreign policy research. Aaron built his technical skillset as a Machinery Technician in the Coast Guard where he worked on generators, main propulsion, and any piece of equipment found on a ship. 

generator maintenance training

Erick Schram

“Power Generation has always held my attention due to its complex and varying nature. I fee like there is always more to learn and share. I am excited to help educate through OGI as I feel it will allow me the opportunity to both learn from industry experts while also sharing some of my personal experiences in the field.” 

Applications Engineer, Lead Trainer – ComAp Controls


Erick Schram is an Applications Engineer and Lead Trainer with ComAp Controls. His knowledge of Power Generation and Industrial Engines, has been earned over 15 years in the industry, working in the field with many companies like Kohler Power Systems, Interstate Power Systems and as a Field Commissioning Engineer with Woodward. 

Power generation technician training

Steve Belcher

“I enjoy sharing a lifetime of experience in the buildings, electrical and mechanical trades. It is rewarding to pass information on to those that are engaged in our unique vocation. OGI offers the opportunity to interact with industry pro’s from around the country using a non-proprietary educational platform.” 

Special accounts Project Manager – FM Generator


Steve is a Facility Management Professional with over 40 years of commercial buildings and support systems knowledge. With a background in mechanics, electrical, refrigeration, HVAC, electronics, commercial real estate wireless & commercial tower facilities, contract management, and since 2007, exclusively working in the generator industry. Steve brings a unique prospective as a service provider. By understanding building systems, working with code & regulatory agencies and now supporting OGI, Steve is always looking for opportunities to improve safety and reliability beyond customer expectations.

Generator repair course

Dane Olson

“Being a generator technician is a demanding career. It takes guts walking into a job not knowing what to expect, and grit to stick out until the problem is solved. The ones that are always working and educating themselves to improve their skillset will undoubtedly be set apart as the experts of the industry. I want to help educate those individuals about some of the tools available to make them more prepared and efficient in the field.”

Operations Manager – GenTracker | Generator Solutions, Inc


Dane Olson is the Operations Manager for Generator Solutions, Inc, a private company based Minnesota serving the entire US for permanent standby power systems remote monitoring and notification needs for the residential, commercial, and industrial markets. Since joining Generator Solutions in 2010, Dane has worked on and overseen various projects from technical support, special accounts, sales, marketing and business development that has made Gen-Tracker one of the leaders for independent and universal generator monitoring solutions in our industry. Dane Olson has a superior background in customer service, business management, professional audio/visual and automation. Dane has recently expanded his participation with EGSA as Chair of the TOYA initiative with the Dealer/Distributor Committee.

generator maintenance training course

Ken Lapinski

“The Power Generation Industry is one of the most important industries to work in. Everyday our industry insures companies can deliver, to their customers, the data they need. Not only that but our industry saves lives! I teach because training ensures the functionality of our industries products in the field.” 

Regional Sales Manager – Mosebach Manufacturing Co.


Ken Lapinski is the Regional Sales Manager for Mosebach Manufacturing Co. He received his undergraduate in Marketing in 2013 and his Masters of Business Administration in 2016 from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. He has held multiple positions within Mosebach Manufacturing Co. over the past four years. Currently, he handles the US, Canada and Mexico territories for Loab Banks as a Sales Engineer. 

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Ken Garcia

“Coming up in the industry there was very little training opportunities. On the job training was the only way to go. Using my own job experience to help others advance is very gratifying. It’s my way to give back to the power industry!” 

Regional Sales Manager – Power Temp Systems


Ken Garcia is the Regional Sales Manager for Power Temp Systems. He has over 25 years of experience in the construction equipment rental and sales market specializing in power generation with a background in technical support and consulting. He has provided training for rental company technicians and sales personnel for some of the largest nationally known rental companies. Effectively developed a dealer network throughout the Eastern US and Puerto Rico. Ken has extensive experience in account management, territory development and customer service. Ken is well-versed in stationary and portable gensets as well as power distribution equipment. 

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Johnny Angulo

“Power generation is a key, vital component for many services and markets that rely on 24/7, nonstop operations. My goal is to share our knowledge and experience to enhance technicians abilities to respond rapidly and efficiently when faced with DEF applications.” 

Product Specialist – Semler Industries, Inc. 


Johnny Angulo is a Product Specialist for Semler Industries. He has over 8 years of experience as a national sales representative working with industrial and commercial markets. His experience includes handling filtration, chemicals, lubricants, fuel, DEF transferring and dispensing applications. 

Johnny started at Semler Industries as and outside sales rep for Illinois and Wisconsin. He now handles over 14 states and has been able to help customers understand the challenges around DEF and help them customize unique solutions for every specific application regarding transferring and dispensing of DEF, lubricants, and fuels.